Glossary of Common Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Terms

Afterlife - One of the several terms used interchangeably to refer to life after death.

Anomaly - Something that is out of place & unexplained. In paranormal studies, it refers to any phenomena that we cannot explain.

Apparition - Since the early 17th century, this refers to any ghost that seems to have substance. If it appears in any physical form,including a vapor like image,may be called an apparition.

EMF - Electro Magnetic Field or Electro Magnetic Frequency As the name suggest,it's a combination of elecrical & magnetic fields. You'll find high emf levels around fuse boxes,electrical outlets,computer monitors,etc. Unexplained EMF fields can be measured with various tools ,including an emf meter or a hiking compass.

Entity - Any being,including people and ghosts.

EVP - Electronic Voice Phenomena...the recording of unexplained disembodied voices, usually in haunted settings.

Ghost - A sentient entity or spirit that visits or lingers in our world,after he/she lived among us as a human being. We've also seen evidence of ghostly animals & pets.

Haunted - Describes a setting where ghosts,poltergiest,and/or residual energy seem to produce significant paranormal activity.The word"haunt"orginally meant to frequent.

Medium - Someone who can connunicate between our world & the other side.

Orb - A roundish,whitish or pastel-colored translucent area in photos. Rarely seen in real life.  Generally,these are perfectly circular,not oval. Many reseachers believe that they represent spirits or ghost.

Paranormal - The prefix,"para"indicates something that is irregular,fautly,or operating outside the usual boundries. So,"paranormal" refers to anything outside the realm & experiences we call normal.

Physical Manipulation - Occurs when an object of some sort is moved by a ghost or spirit.    Examples:lights being turned on or off, furniture being moved,as well as any other type of smaller objects that may be moved from one place to another without any type of human interaction.

Poltergeist - From German meaning"noisy ghost",this term has been used since the early 19th century to mean a spirit that makes noise,or otherwise plays pranks....often annoying. Many psychologist believe poltergeists are not ghost at all,but some form of psychokinesis or remote activity.

Portal - Literally,a doorway or gateway,this term suggest a specific location through which spirits enter & leave our world. When there are multiple phenomena in a confined area,this is known as a"ghost portal".

Protection -Objects,rituals,routines,tactics,or processes through you guard yourself against psychic,demons,or paranormal intrusions & effects.

Psychic - From the Greek work meaning of the soul,or life,this word usually refers to the world outside the domain of the psyical law. "Psychic"can  relate to the spirit or mind,depending upon the context. When someone is described as a psychic,it means thta he/she is able to percieve things outside traditional physical laws & perception.

Residual Energy - Many ghost hunters believe emotionally charged events leave an imprint or energy residue on the physical objects nearby. What distinguishes residual energy from an active haunting is that the energy/impressions repeat consistently,as if on a loop. The energy levels may increase or decrease,but the content remains the same with each manifestation. By contrast,in what we term an active haunting,the ghost may respond to enviromental stimuli & direct contact.

Spirit - This word comes from Latin meaning,"that which breathes". It means that which animates life,or the soul of the being.

Vortex - Since the time of Descartes,this has indicated the rotation of cosmic energy around a central point or axis. Beginning in the mid-19th century.the word"vortex"has meant any whirling movement of energy or particles.
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Animal Eyeshine Color Chart

Did you ever go ghost hunting and get pictures with strange colored eyes way back in the darkest areas of your flash pictures?  I have seen eyeshine (basically the colors reflected from the eye) in many pictures groups have taken --some thinking they might be ghostly eyes.  I haven't seen the eyes of a ghost up close and personal (if they even have eyes), but I have seen many eyes in the dark that may be hard to identify if you don't know what colors different animal's eyes reflect.  I put together this chart to help in that matter.  I got this from many web sources and did some research only to find there is not an all inclusive list to be had anywhere. Keep in mind, these are observed and reported colors of "eyeshine", and there may be many more associated with these animals.  This is basically just a crutch to help you identify possible sources of your "glowing eye" pictures.  Notice, red eyes seem to be mostly rodents and predators.  I hope ghosts aren't predators for all our sake.

Type of Animal/ Insect                    Eye Shine Color

Alligator                         Red, red-orange

Bear                              Orange (amber)

Bullfrog                          Green

Cats                                             Green

Cats with blue eyes                       Red

Cows                           Yellow

Coyote                                 Green or Blue

Dog                                              Blue (rare), Green, Yellow

Fish        White

Flying Squirrel                               Reddish-Orange

Fox         Bright White, blue, green

Great Horned Owl/most other owls      Red

Horses           White, bluish

Opossum        Dull Orange

Porcupine       Deep Red

Rabbits                 Red

Racoon         Bright Yellow, whiteish green

Rats (and most other rodents)        Orange or Red

Sheep           Orange

Skunk             Amber

Spiders           Silver or White

White-tailed deer            Greenish-White, silver, white

Woodcock             Glowing Red Dots

Reprinted with permission from John Herr